Emancipation Processes in the Ugandan Deaf Community
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Ugandan Deaf Heritage through Community-Derived Multimedia Storytelling

Intergenerational dialogues between Ugandan deaf community members in Kampala and Mbale have captured many unique aspects of the Ugandan deaf community’s fascinating heritage. Participants have gathered to explore and present their collective memories and identities through photographs, drama, and stories, while also finding room for sharing more personal life experiences. This content is encapsulated in visual multimedia storytelling about defining moments in their communal and personal journeys. 

The multimedia community portraits are titled Snapshots of the Ugandan Deaf Community

In the snapshot, A fruitful future? the two community groups reflect on their trajectories of development, while looking into, and presenting their perspectives on, the future.

The snapshot Ugandan deaf culture: Taught as our drum is on Ugandan cultural practices and involves the performance of a traditional engagement ceremony, using a drum motif to highlights aspects of deaf culture as well as the access of deaf citizens to indigenous Ugandan cultural practices. 

In the third and fourth snapshot (forthcoming), the community looks back at its early development, respectively with the establishment of the Uganda School for the Deaf in 1959, and the foundation of the UNAD (Ugandan National Associaton of the Deaf) in 1973.

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