Emancipation Processes in the Ugandan Deaf Community
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Sign Language Says it All

Sign Language Says it All

Goedele De Clerck and Rik Pinxten of Ghent University assembled the reader Sign Language Says it All: Contributions on diversity and sign language from an emancipatory perspective, published by Acco (Leuven) in 2012 (in Dutch). Scholars from Flanders and the Netherlands explore how sign language can be more widely exploited in all realms of life.

The reader includes the documentary I am a human being too (Ik ben ook een mens), that was based on the doctoral research of Goedele De Clerck and which was produced by Visual Box, a Flemish deaf-led non-governmental organization working on Deaf Cinema. The project was funded by the Flemish Government (Ministery of Culture – Sign Language Projects) and Ghent University.

The book and the documentary can be ordered at: www.acco.be


On deaf epistemologies and diversity in deaf cultural and sign language practices, deaf identity, and learning in Western and non-Western contexts, Goedele De Clerck is publishing the book Exploring Deaf epistemologies. Comparative Studies in Identity, Empowerment, and Learning, which is currently in press by Gallaudet University Press (Washington DC).

Goedele De Clerck has published many articles and chapters in highly regarded national and international scientific journals and edited volumes. A selection of her publications:

On epistemology, deaf studies, and cultural diversity:

De Clerck, G. (2012). Contributing to an era of epistemological equity: A critique and alternative to the practice of science. In: P. V. Paul and D. F. Moores: Deaf Epistemologies: Multiple Perspectives on the Acquisition of Knowledge. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press.

On deaf citizenship:

De Clerck, G. (2013). Het emancipatieproces van dove burgers: een
 vraag naar de erkenning van dove kennis- en leervormen [The emancipation process of deaf citizens: a request for the recognition of deaf ways of knowledge and learning]. In: G. Coene &
 K. Uvijn (Eds.), Ethiek en Maatschappij. Gent: Academia Press.

On deaf education, emancipation, and cultural and linguistic diversity:

De Clerck, G. & R. Pinxten (2012 c). Dovencultuur en gebarentaal als uitdrukking van intrinsieke menselijke diversiteit [Deaf culture and sign language as expressions of intrinsic human diversity]. In: De Clerck, G. & R. Pinxten, Gebarentaal zegt alles: Bijdragen rond gebarentaal en diversiteit vanuit emancipatorisch perspectief [Sign language says it all: Contributions on sign language and diversity from an emancipatory perspective]. Leuven: Acco.

On documentation of African Sign Languages and deaf communities:

Lutalo-Kiingi, S. & De Clerck, G. (2012). Documentation of African Sign Languages and Deaf Communities. Proceedings of the 7th World Congress of African Linguistics (WOCAL-7), University of Buea, August 2012.

De Clerck, G. (2011). Fostering deaf people’s empowerment: The Cameroonian deaf community and epistemological equity: Third World Quarterly, 32(8), 1419-1436. 

On sustainable development and reflections of a deaf/signing scholar:

De Clerck, G. (2012). Samen de bakens verzetten: Duurzame ontwikkeling van gebarentaalgemeenschappen en reflecties van een dove/gebarentalige onderzoeker [Changing times together: Sustainable development of sign language communities and reflections of a deaf/signing scholar]. In: Longman, C., Pisters, I., Van Dienderen, A. (Eds.). Guess who’s coming to dinner. Liber Amicorum voor Rik Pinxten (pp. 179-199). Gent: Academia Press.

De Clerck, G. (2009). The Flemish deaf community and the challenge of breaking through educational barriers. In: Moores, D. & Miller, M. [Ed.]: Deaf people around the World: Educational, Developmental and Social perspectives (pp. 157-177). Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press. 

On deaf empowerment and deaf identity in Flanders, Western Europe and International Deaf People:

De Clerck, G. (2009). “I don’t worry because I have my education”: International deaf people moving toward emancipation. Medische Antropologie, 21(1), 131–158. 

De Clerck, G. (2009). Identiteitsdynamieken in Vlaamse dove rolmodellen: een verkenning van tendenzen in emancipatieprocessen in dovengemeenschappen en parallellen met etnische minderheden in Europa [The emancipation process in Flemish deaf role models: Exploring trends in and parallels between identity dynamics of ethnic minorities and deaf communities in Europe]. Volkskunde, 110(2), 117–136. 

De Clerck, G. (2007). Meeting global deaf peers and visiting ideal deaf places: Deaf ways of education leading to empowerment. An exploratory case study. American Annals of the Deaf, 152(4), 5–15.